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Neglected, abandoned swimming pool; drained and dirty

Signs Your Pool Needs Some Love

Signs Your Pool Needs Some Love

Your pool has constant exposure to the outside elements, so it is important to keep up maintenance and cleaning. This will ensure both the longevity of your investment and the health and safety of you, your family and anyone else who enjoys using your swimming pool.

There are a few tell-tale signs that your pool is in need of some TLC. We at Pacific Pools in Sydney are the experts in pool construction and renovation. We have seen a lot of issues with pools, and we know how to diagnose and address any problem. Here are some of our signs for you so that you can give your swimming pool the love it deserves.

Cloudy and Murky Water

If the water doesn’t look clear and good enough to jump in, don’t. Murky pool water could be a sign that you need to do some shock treatment. Anything from heavy rains to poor water circulation to lack of sunlight can cause this issue.

Make sure you check your pool filter system and perform some chemical testing in the pool regularly.

Green Water 

A pool that looks like a pond in a bog is an alarming sight, but it has a simple explanation. Algae forms along the surface, sides and bottoms of your pool. It normally grows because of low sunlight, poor maintenance, contamination from lawn chemicals, or even after a rainstorm. The fix isn’t too hard. Just clean and scrub the sides of the pool and vacuum away any algae. A good shock and balance of chemicals will go a long way to fixing the problem, too.

Calcium Build-Ups

You might notice pool scale deposits of calcium in your pool. Calcium build-ups are normal in swimming pools, but they can lead to corrosive water conditions, water clarity problems and scaling conditions. Calcium can be a result of poor water chemistry maintenance or even imbalance after a rainstorm. In extreme cases this can feel quite scratchy on the skin and your pool will need to be emptied and strongly cleaned to remove it.

Want to know more things to look out for to keep your pool clean and healthy? Maybe your old pool needs a renovation or you’re looking at buying a new one. Whatever your pool needs in the Sydney area, start by contacting Pacific Pools.

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