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Recently renovated pool and spa at a residence

Hot Renovation Tips

Cool Pool Renovation Tips

Having a pool in your backyard is great, but if the pool itself or the area surrounding it is looking a bit worse for the wear, you might be considering a bit of an upgrade.

Perhaps you moved into a house with an existing pool, or maybe you already have a pool, but you’re ready for a change. Well there are a few simple and easy ways to renovate.

Resurface the Interior

We never said every fix would be a cheap one, but if you’ve got a remodelling budget, resurfacing is a great way to use it. Resurfacing the interior of the pool not only replaces worn out walls and floors, it will also improve the look of your pool dramatically. You can change the surface colour for an extra new look, or choose between things like glass tiles, and glass bead or natural pebble/shell finishes. This will really bring new life to your swimming pool.

Light It Up

One easy and super cool new way to enhance the look of your pool is to add LED lighting. Basic pool lighting or flood lighting is a thing of the past. Make your backyard a glamorous oasis, especially when the sun goes out, by installing energy efficient and colourful LED lights. Use colour therapy to determine the way you want to feel. Blue is usually calming, while green is soothing. Keep researching to find the perfect vibe for you. There are even multi coloured lighting options available now, so you can pick the colour to suit the mood!!

Change Up the Water

If you’ve been swimming in a traditional chlorine pool, you might want to give a saltwater pool a chance. These systems use salt to create chlorine, so you don’t have to use and store bottles of chlorine anymore. At the same time, saltwater pools are often much easier on the skin, hair and eyes.

Update the Waterline Tile

You can easily and affordably trick the eye with a waterline tile update. As these tiles are exposed to both air and water, they have more of a chance of becoming grimy and worn out. Replacing them will make people think that you’ve undergone a much bigger renovation than you have.

Surround the Pool with New Style

Changing the decking and paving around your pool is also a great way to get the most out of an old space. Natural stones for paving are becoming very popular in 2016. Try laying this around your pool for an aesthetically pleasing look. The use of timber decking is also taking off because it is soft on the eyes. If your home is so styled timber also gives the feeling of an indoor outdoor flow and gives your backyard a rustic feel. 

Speak to one of our professionals at Pacific Pools to discuss your pool renovation options. We’ll help you find the one that’s best for you. Call us today to arrange for one of our professionals to come and visit and provide a quote.

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