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The Swimming Pool Build Process

Building a swimming pool can be a daunting process so it’s important to understand what’s involved. This is a quick, general overview of how a swimming pool is built. Pool construction  may vary depending on the nature of the pool design, site, and other issues. Our experts will be able to take care of every aspect for you, ensuring that you get the pool of your dreams.

Consultation and Site Assessment

Before building your pool, it’s important to inspect the site and evaluate any possible construction issues. Depending on the type of pool and location, construction needs may vary considerably.

We assess the site for construction purposes, noting any possible site issues, like a sloping gradient, proximity to a home or the location of water mains and any other infrastructure. We consult with you about any issues and resolve problems along the way.

Basic Swimming Pool Construction

The site of your swimming pool is pegged out prior to excavation followed by laying of steel and formwork which is the foundation of the pool.

The next stage is the concrete spray which completes the main pool structure.

After the concrete curing time, coping and water lined tiles (if you have them) will be laid.

We will then get you to finalise your pool fencing.

The final stage is the setting up of the filtration equipment and pool interior surface being laid.

After a final rinse down your new swimming pool is ready to be filled.

Once the pool is full Bruce will be onsite to balance the chemicals and explain the operation to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved.

Pool Construction, Redesign and Renovations Construction

Swimming pool renovations are usually quite similar to the construction process, but usually on a smaller scale. In some cases, particularly where pool relining is required, the old pool is essentially replaced, and construction is carried out on a needs basis.

If a pool is being redesigned and reshaped, the process is very similar. The new build may involve additional excavation, pool relining and related additional work.

We hope you found this overview of pool construction useful and informative. If you have any questions about pool building or related issues, call our team. We’ll be happy to provide any information and guidance you may need.