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7 Pool Safety Tips

7 Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pools can bring your family great fun and entertainment, but it is important to remember that they are also potentially very dangerous, especially for children. If you have children or are starting a family and are considering building a new swimming pool, you shouldn’t be deterred as there are many things you can do to ensure your pool is as safe as possible.

Pacific Pools is the expert in new pool construction and old pool renovations in Sydney. We take the safety of our clients and their families very seriously, so here are a few pool safety guidelines.

Pool Fencing is a legal requirement

We highly recommend speaking to a qualified fencing company when installing your pool fencing. There are many different criteria within the legislation that must be met for your fence to pass its mandatory inspection.

Things such as the fence must be at least 1.2m high, with no vertical gaps that are more than 100mm apart for a child to try to slip through, and no horizontal parts wider than 20mm that can be used as stepping/climbing assistance. The distance between the bottom rail and the ground must be no more than 100 mm, either. Boundary fencing must be a minimum 1.8m high.

There are many other requirements regarding non climbable zones and what may be regarded as a foothold, so it is recommended you speak with a fencing expert.

Adult Supervision At All Times

If your children are playing in the pool, there should be an adult supervising at all times. This is by far the most effective method of keeping your child safe. If you are having a party, one adult should always be the designated supervisor. Leaving older children in charge of the younger children is not a good idea unless the child has been trained as a young lifeguard.

Check Pumps, Grates and Suction

You should schedule regular checks of the components of your pool to make sure no fitting is loose, broken or missing.

Consider Other Pool Safety Devices

Aside from fences, you can invest in other pool safety devices that can help to keep your children safe. You can consider things like swimming lessons, pool gate alarms, pool covers and life jackets.

Monitor the Chemicals

Pools need chemicals to function and keep clean, but you should make sure you use them wisely. Ensure that the pool chemicals are kept well out of reach of children and that you are following the safety rules when adding chemicals to your pool.

For advice on making your pool safer please get in touch with Pacific Pools today to discuss your specific requirements.

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